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Introduction: Astrology, Extraterrestrial Life and Astrobiology
The history of astrology and the history of the extraterrestrial life debate are largely kept separate, for reasons both chronological and historiographical. In fact, there was a large period ofExpand
Johannes Kepler: A New Astronomy, Astrological Harmonies and Living Creatures
Johannes Kepler is a key figure in both the histories of astrology and the extraterrestrial life debate. To date, however, historians have not appreciated the intimate connection between the twoExpand
Influence and Inhabitation Opposed
This chapter begins with a brief description of some anti-pluralist writings from the seventeenth century. The argument is made that while a belief in pluralism rarely meant abandoning astrologicalExpand
William Gilbert: Magnetism as Astrological Influence, and the Unification of the Terrestrial and Celestial Realms
This chapter presents a case study of the natural philosophy of William Gilbert. While saying little about the practice of astrology or the question of extraterrestrial life per se, Gilbert’sExpand
SedCas_Volcano: Simulating decadal patterns of lahar hazard and sediment transfer following volcanic disturbance in the Belham River Valley, Montserrat 
Explosive volcanic eruptions are among the most significant natural disturbances to landscapes on Earth. The widespread and rapid influx of pyroclastic sediment, together with subsequent changes toExpand
Cultural Encounters: Cross-disciplinary studies from the Late Middle Ages to the Enlightenment [Hardback]
This collection of essays contributes to the growing field of ‘encounter studies’ within the domain of cultural history. The strength of this work is the multi- and interdisciplinary approach, withExpand
Influence and/or Inhabitation: The Celestial Bodies Between Kepler and Newton
After the case studies of the previous chapters, this chapter presents a selected survey of seventeenth-century philosophers with an eye on the developing relationship between astrological andExpand
Celestial Influence as an Aid to Pluralism from Antiquity to the Renaissance
This chapter begins in the classical period, discussing Plutarch’s On the Face which Appears in the Orb of the Moon as an example of how closely connected theories of influence and inhabitation wereExpand