James E. Powell

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Residents in a detoxification/motivation program for drug users provided speech samples just after detoxification and again 5 weeks later. Content analysis scales were used to obtain scores for Hostility (Inward, Outward, and Ambivalent), Cognitive Anxiety, Pawn, Origin, and Sociality. Comparisons were made with scores from a previous sample of students,(More)
A major stumbling block preventing machines from understanding text is the problem of entity disambigua-tion. While humans find it easy to determine that a person named in one story is the same person refer-enced in a second story, machines rely heavily on crude heuristics such as string matching and stemming to make guesses as to whether nouns are(More)
Geospatial information systems provide a unique frame of reference to bring together a large and diverse set of data from a variety of sources. However, automating this process remains a challenge since: 1) data (particularly from sensors) is error prone and ambiguous, 2) analysis and visualization tools typically expect clean (or exact) data, and 3) it is(More)
In certain types of " slow burn " emergencies, careful accumulation and evaluation of information can offer a crucial advantage. The SARS outbreak in the first decade of the 21 st century was such an event, and ad hoc journal clubs played a critical role in assisting scientific and technical responders in identifying and developing various strategies for(More)