James E. Powell

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The chemical components of tarbush (Flourensia cernua) leaves were fractionated by extracting successively with hexanes, diethyl ether, and ethanol. Volatile profiles of each fraction were identified by using GC-MS. The hexanes fraction contained mostly monoterpenoids, while the ethanol fraction volatiles were primarily sesquiterpenoids. Crude fractions(More)
The unique advantage of genetic engineering techniques for the design and development of polymers for controlled gene delivery lies in exquisite control over polymer structure. In this article we report the biosynthesis and characterization of a series of new silk-elastinlike protein polymers (SELPs), namely, SELP415K, with larger elastin blocks per monomer(More)
A major stumbling block preventing machines from understanding text is the problem of entity disambigua-tion. While humans find it easy to determine that a person named in one story is the same person refer-enced in a second story, machines rely heavily on crude heuristics such as string matching and stemming to make guesses as to whether nouns are(More)
Geospatial information systems provide a unique frame of reference to bring together a large and diverse set of data from a variety of sources. However, automating this process remains a challenge since: 1) data (particularly from sensors) is error prone and ambiguous, 2) analysis and visualization tools typically expect clean (or exact) data, and 3) it is(More)
In certain types of " slow burn " emergencies, careful accumulation and evaluation of information can offer a crucial advantage. The SARS outbreak in the first decade of the 21 st century was such an event, and ad hoc journal clubs played a critical role in assisting scientific and technical responders in identifying and developing various strategies for(More)
Requirements phase acts as a foundation stone for ensuring the success of any software development process. Over the year, researchers have proposed various techniques/tools for the different activities of the requirements phase of SDLC, but at the same time, there are certainly new research questions and issues too. One of the prominent issues is the(More)