James E. Melvin

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The effects of 50% lethal doses of three purine analogues, 6-methylmercaptopurine riboside ( MMPR ), 6-thioguanosine (TGR), and 6- selenoguanosine ( SeGR ), on mitotic activity in a slow-growing ( SS1H ) and a fast-growing ( BH3 ) transplantable hepatocellular adenoma in C3H/ StW and BUB mice, respectively, were analyzed statistically. No significant(More)
Macrophages can fuse to form osteoclasts in bone or multinucleate giant cells (MGCs) as part of the immune response. We use a systems genetics approach in rat macrophages to unravel their genetic determinants of multinucleation and investigate their role in both bone homeostasis and inflammatory disease. We identify a trans-regulated gene network associated(More)
Mitoses is stimulated in the kidneys of adult rats fed a potassium-deficient diet. A statistically significant increase in mitotic figures appears first in the collecting ducts of the inner strip of the outer medulla after two days on the K+ deficient diet (P less than 0.05). After six days, mitosis also increases in the collecting ducts in the outer stripe(More)
Splenic lymphocytes from C3H/HeN mice were primed in vivo or in vitro with the interferon inducer poly inosine:cytosine (Poly IC) or in vitro with interferon alpha (IFN alpha) and evaluated for their natural killer (NK) activity after exposure to hyperthermia for defined periods. Lytic activity against cells of the NK-susceptible Moloney lymphoma cell line(More)
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