James E. McNamee

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The yield of a cigarette is determined by the tobacco blend, the length of the cigarette, the cigarette paper, the filter and air dilution. Cigarette yield has been defined by tradition and by law to be the yield of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide obtained from a 35 ml puff volume of 2-second duration taken every minute during the burning time of the(More)
Man-made objects are easily identified. They are formed through centuries of practice by the straight edges and smooth curves of Euclidean geometry. More recently, technological systems designed by man have exploited algebraic and linear systems theory. Deterministic models of man's creations are accurately portrayed, therefore, by the same mathematical(More)
The ease with which plasma proteins and other large solutes enter sheep lung lymph had led previous investigators to conclude that such large molecules probably move through a pathway that has transport properties similar to pores 100 nm or larger in radius. To test this hypothesis, the transport of some very large solutes into lung lymph was measured.(More)
Mathematical models of solute and water exchange in the lung have been helpful in understanding factors governing the volume flow rate and composition of pulmonary lymph. As experimental data and models become more encompassing, parameter identification becomes more difficult. Pore sizes in these models should approach and eventually become equivalent to(More)
Like other organs that exchange substantial quantities of material with blood, the lung accommodates a large two-dimensional surface in a component three-dimensional volume. The lung's structure shows a resemblance to certain one- and two-dimensional mathematical functions that possess plane- and space-filling properties. When viewed from a conventional(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the interactions of endothelin-1 (ET-1) and nitric oxide (NO) in the regulation of endothelial barrier function in skeletal muscle. METHODS The protein sieving coefficient (1 - sigma f) was measured as an index of microvascular permeability in the isolated, perfused cat hindlimb preparation. The measurement was made to determine 1)(More)
The cardiovascular effects of hyperbaric (3 atm abs) air, 100% oxygen, and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) at 3 atm abs were investigated in 13 pentobarbital-anesthetized dogs. We measured heart rate, arterial pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, right atrial pressure, left and right ventricular pressure, and cardiac output. From these we determined end diastolic(More)
Histamine increases lymph flow and protein flux from the sheep lung. This increase in water and protein movement has been attributed to an increase in lung microvascular permeability-surface area product caused by histamine. Whether it was permeability that was changed or whether it was surface area cannot be discerned from past work. Histamine might(More)
A microcomputer-controlled system that generates a discrete digital approximation of a desired inspiratory flow profile is described. Discrete flows between 0 and 387.5 ml/s can be achieved in increments of 12.5 ml/s with five solenoid valves. This pneumatic digital-to-analog converter is coupled to a mixing apparatus so that boluses of aerosol can be(More)