James E McCreanor

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BACKGROUND Air pollution from road traffic is a serious health hazard, and people with preexisting respiratory disease may be at increased risk. We investigated the effects of short-term exposure to diesel traffic in people with asthma in an urban, roadside environment. METHODS We recruited 60 adults with either mild or moderate asthma to participate in a(More)
Many people, including people with asthma, experience short-term exposure to diesel exhaust (DE*) during daily activities. The health effects of such exposures, however, remain poorly understood. The present study utilized a real-world setting to examine whether short-term DE exposure would (1) worsen asthma symptoms, (2) augment airway inflammation, or (3)(More)
AIMS Pro-oxidant iron provides a potential measure of iron-catalysed oxidative stress in biological fluids. This study aimed, to investigate if the Bleomycin technique for measurement of pro-oxidant iron in biological fluids could be utilised for determinations in exhaled breath condensate (EBC). Secondly, to measure levels of pro-oxidant iron in EBC from(More)
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