James E Laughlin

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Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test a model incorporating anxious attachment, angry temperament, and attempts to control one's partner as predictors of the severity and frequency of dating violence. To date, these concepts have not been clearly established as having direct or indirect effects on dating violence. It was hypothesized that(More)
This article highlights the theoretical differences between the Likert and Thurstone approaches to attitude measurement and demonstrates how such differences can lead to discrepant attitude estimates for individuals with the most extreme opinions. Both simulated data and real data on attitude toward abortion are used to demonstrate this discrepancy. The(More)
Objective - Social disorganisation of communities, family bonds, school bonds, the peer group and age, have been shown to be related (either positively or negatively) to delinquency. This study addressed gaps in the literature by (1) using a large and randomly drawn sample of adolescents, within a large number of randomly selected communities; (2)(More)
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