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This study provides a first broad systematic treatment of the euagarics as they have recently emerged in phylogenetic systematics. The sample consists of 877 homobasidiomycete taxa and includes approximately one tenth (ca. 700 species) of the known number of species of gilled mushrooms that were traditionally classified in the order Agaricales. About 1000(More)
The Aerosols99 cruise crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Norfolk, Virginia to Cape Town, South Africa between January 14 and February 8, 1999. The goals of the cruise were to determine the chemical, physical, and optical properties of the marine boundary layer (MBL) aerosol, the vertical distribution of aerosols and ozone, the column integrated aerosol optical(More)
[1] In this paper, aerosol composition and size distributions in east Asia are simulated using a comprehensive chemical transport model. Three-dimensional aerosol simulations for the TRACE-P and ACE-Asia periods are performed and used to help interpret actual observations. The regional chemical transport model, STEM-2K3, which includes the on-line(More)
Structures of riboswitch receptor domains bound to their effector have shown how messenger RNAs recognize diverse small molecules, but mechanistic details linking the structures to the regulation of gene expression remain elusive. To address this, here we solve crystal structures of two different classes of cobalamin (vitamin B(12))-binding riboswitches(More)
MOTIVATION Protein sequence and family data is accumulating at such a rapid rate that state-of-the-art databases and interface tools are required to aid curators with their classifications. We have designed such a system, MetaFam, to facilitate the comparison and integration of public protein sequence and family data. This paper presents the global schema,(More)
The riparian area is that area of land located immediately adjacent to streams, lakes, or other surface waters. Some would describe it as the floodplain. The boundary of the riparian area and the ad join ing uplands is gradual and not always well defined. However, riparian areas differ from the uplands because of their high levels of soil moisture, frequent(More)
outside the traditional Distributed transaction transaction processing management support is an monitor environment. enhancement to the VMS Introduction operating system. This Businesses are becoming support provides services critically dependent in the VMS operating system on the availability and for atomic transactions integrity of data stored that may(More)
BACKGROUND The NCBI BLAST suite has become ubiquitous in modern molecular biology and is used for small tasks such as checking capillary sequencing results of single PCR products, genome annotation or even larger scale pan-genome analyses. For early adopters of the Galaxy web-based biomedical data analysis platform, integrating BLAST into Galaxy was a(More)
This study uses advanced proteogenomic approaches in a nonmodel organism to elucidate cardioprotective mechanisms used during mammalian hibernation. Mammalian hibernation is characterized by drastic reductions in body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, and oxygen consumption. These changes pose significant challenges to the physiology of hibernators,(More)
Caloric restriction (CR) can attenuate the aging-related decline in learning and memory in rats. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this effect could lead to therapies for human memory impairment. We tested the hypotheses that aging is associated with a decline in hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a growth factor that enhances(More)