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MOTIVATION Protein sequence and family data is accumulating at such a rapid rate that state-of-the-art databases and interface tools are required to aid curators with their classifications. We have designed such a system, MetaFam, to facilitate the comparison and integration of public protein sequence and family data. This paper presents the global schema,(More)
outside the traditional Distributed transaction transaction processing management support is an monitor environment. enhancement to the VMS Introduction operating system. This Businesses are becoming support provides services critically dependent in the VMS operating system on the availability and for atomic transactions integrity of data stored that may(More)
We describe a use of formal methods to specify and check a Web Services protocol. The Web Services Atomic Transaction protocol was specified in TLA + and checked with the TLC model checker. A modest effort revealed oversights that caused unanticipated behaviors of the protocol; these were corrected by clarifications and changes to the protocol.
product is a log-structured, cluster-wide file system with integrated, on-line backup and restore capability and support for multiple file system personalities. It incorporates a number of recent ideas from the research community, including the log-structured file system (LFS) from the Sprite file system and the ordered write back from the Echo file system.(More)
BACKGROUND The sequencing and analysis of ESTs is for now the only practical approach for large-scale gene discovery and annotation in conifers because their very large genomes are unlikely to be sequenced in the near future. Our objective was to produce extensive collections of ESTs and cDNA clones to support manufacture of cDNA microarrays and gene(More)
MOTIVATION Protein sequence classification is becoming an increasingly important means of organizing the voluminous data produced by large-scale genome sequencing projects. At present, there are several independent classification methods. To aid the general classification effort, we have created a unified protein family resource, MetaFam. MetaFam is a(More)
UNLABELLED The Galaxy platform has developed into a fully featured collaborative workbench, with goals of inherently capturing provenance to enable reproducible data analysis, and of making it straightforward to run one's own server. However, many Galaxy platform tools rely on the presence of reference data, such as alignment indexes, to function(More)
Many treatments for neuropathic pain activate or augment norepinephrine release in the spinal cord, yet these treatments are less effective against acute nociceptive stimuli. We previously showed in mice that peripheral nerve injury results in sprouting of spinal noradrenergic fibers, possibly reflecting the substrate for this shift in drug efficacy. Here,(More)
Caloric restriction (CR) can attenuate the aging-related decline in learning and memory in rats. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this effect could lead to therapies for human memory impairment. We tested the hypotheses that aging is associated with a decline in hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a growth factor that enhances(More)
UNLABELLED TableView is a generalized scientific visualization program for exploration of various biological data, including EST, SAGE, microarray and annotation data. Written in Java, TableView is portable, is easily used together with other software including DBMSs and is versatile enough to be applied to any tabular data AVAILABILITY TableView is(More)