James E Hanley

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Like other social animals, humans play adaptively important games, and current evolutionary theory predicts special-purpose, domain-specific cognitive mechanisms for playing such games. We offer a functional analysis of the information requirements for successfully playing one important social game, the "hawk-dove" conflict-of-interest game, developing new(More)
Herpesvirus was detected by electron microscopy in hepatocytes of psittacine birds that died at a Florida aviary. The virus was identified in hepatocytes of chick embryos and budgerigars that were given injections of liver suspensions from naturally infected psittacines. Infected hepatocytes had prominent intranuclear inclusions that contained naked(More)
The hijacking and purposeful crashing of airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, prompts questions about why the passengers and crew of those airplanes did not act to prevent these attacks, as did at least some passengers on a hijacked flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. We argue, first, that humans have an evolved(More)
On the basis of discussion and analysis during and following an ATSDR science panel on the bioavailability of mercury in soils, it is apparent that the default assumption of 100% relative bioavailability for mercury-contaminated soils is excessively conservative. However, current knowledge does not allow the development of default assumptions or guidelines(More)
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