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BACKGROUND The risk for emotional and behavioral problems is known to be high among children of depressed mothers, but little is known about the impact of prenatal and postnatal depression on the physical health of infants. OBJECTIVE To determine whether maternal depression is a risk factor for malnutrition and illness in infants living in a low-income(More)
Plasmodium falciparum infection results in adhesion of infected erythrocytes to blood vessel endothelium, and acute endothelial cell activation, together with sequestration of platelets and leucocytes. We have previously shown that patients with severe infection or fulminant cerebral malaria have significantly increased circulatory levels of the adhesive(More)
BACKGROUND In spite of the significant mortality associated with Plasmodium falciparum infection, the mechanisms underlying severe disease remain poorly understood. We have previously shown evidence of endothelial activation in Ghanaian children with malaria, indicated by elevated plasma levels of both von Willebrand factor (VWF) and its propeptide. In the(More)
BACKGROUND Severe acute malnutrition affects 13 million children worldwide and causes 1-2 million deaths every year. Our aim was to assess the clinical and nutritional efficacy of a probiotic and prebiotic functional food for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition in a HIV-prevalent setting. METHODS We recruited 795 Malawian children (age range 5 to(More)
Serotype G9 may be the fifth most common human rotavirus serotype, after serotypes G1 to G4. In three cross-sectional studies of childhood diarrhea, we have detected serotype G9 rotaviruses for the first time in Libya, Kenya, and Cuba. Serotype G9 constituted 27% of all rotaviruses identified, emphasizing the reemergence of serotype G9 and suggesting that(More)
In 1984, all non-immune children under the age of 5 years in the Gambian villages of Keneba and Manduar were vaccinated against hepatitis B virus (HBV). All children born in these villages since 1984 have been vaccinated in infancy. Despite a rapid fall in antibody concentrations, vaccine efficacy against HBV infection and chronic carriage of HBsAg has(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori is one of the commonest causes of chronic infection of mankind, yet the natural history of acute infection is poorly understood. Some studies suggest that gastric colonisation with H pylori is associated with suboptimal nutrition and growth in childhood. AIMS To describe the clinical features of early H pylori colonisation(More)
BACKGROUND Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) plays a vital role in achieving global child survival targets. Effective treatment programmes are available but little is known about longer term outcomes following programme discharge. METHODS From July 2006 to March 2007, 1024 children (median age 21.5 months, IQR 15-32) contributed 1187 admission(More)
BACKGROUND Common mental disorder (CMD) affecting women during the childbearing years is an important health problem in low and middle income countries. This study investigates CMD and associated factors amongst women with young infants in rural Malawi. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, mothers of infants due for measles vaccination were recruited(More)