James E. Cicon

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We present a framework to predict the firm performance based on CEO's facial emotion dynamics during video interviews. This is a challenging pattern recognition problem that involves robust detection of various emotional expressions in the uncontrolled environment and classification of spontaneous spatio-temporal data with different personal and biological(More)
This study examines whether the “soft” information present in merger and acquisition announcement press releases contains incrementally valuable news relative to traditional “hard” data and analyst generated information. We use Diction, a textual-analysis program, to construct measures of optimism and synergy expectations for more that 1,400 mergers and(More)
Article history: Received 20 May 2014 Received in revised form 16 March 2015 Accepted 17 March 2015 Available online 26 May 2015 Entrepreneurs attempt to persuade potential investors that their new ventures are both credible andworthy of funding. A long line of research on entrepreneurial impressionmanagement establishes that the ability to present their(More)
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