James E. Bossert

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PM10, PM25, precursor gas, and upper-air meteorological measurements were taken in Mexico City, Mexico, from February 23 to March 22, 1997, to understand concentrations and chemical compositions of the city's particulate matter (PM). Average 24-hr PM10 concentrations over the period of study at the core sites in the city were 75 H g/m3. The 24-hr standard(More)
In the present study, we use various spatial fuels data within a coupled atmospherewildfire model to compare the simulated fire behavior for a small portion of the16,000 acre Calabasas fire that occurred on 21-22 October 1996 in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles County (Bamattre et al., 1997). The fire simulation investigates an intense fire that(More)
The nerve agent sarin has recently been deployed by terrorists in a major city. The molecule is volatile and made its way to many victims by passing as vapor through a highly reactive medium. Here we estimate rates and pathways for the removal of gas phase sarin from a generalized urban atmosphere. Only information from the open scientific literature is(More)
Introduction in reproducing the growth and life cyclE~ of a cloud system can then be evaluated. The numeric,al model we have recently acquired from Colorado State University, Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (CSU-RAMS) (Cotton et al. 1988), is used in this research. Since a modified Kuo scheme (Tremback 1990) is built in the RAMS, a byproduct of this(More)
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