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Often the goal of model selection is to choose a model for future prediction, and it is natural to measure the accuracy of a future prediction by squared error loss. Under the Bayesian approach, it is commonly perceived that the optimal predictive model is the model with highest posterior probability, but this is not necessarily the case. In this talk we(More)
Neurexins are a large family of proteins that act as neuronal cell-surface receptors. The function and localization of the various neurexins, however, have not yet been clarified. Beta-neurexins are candidate receptors for neuroligin-1, a postsynaptic membrane protein that can trigger synapse formation at axon contacts. Here we report that neurexins are(More)
To characterize the physicochemical properties of the mesangial IgA in primary IgA nephropathy, acid-eluates from percutaneous renal biopsies of 20 patients were examined. The acid-eluates were obtained from 1287 +/- 498 glomerular sections. The IgA content (mean 15 +/- 10 ng) represented 0.4% of the total eluted proteins. To analyze the molecular weight(More)
In order to explore the potential clinical utility of CCK-B antagonists for the treatment of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, the auditory startle reflex was examined in rats undergoing withdrawal from the chronic administration of diazepam. Animals were exposed to diazepam continuously for 12 days (20 mg kg-1 per day) via osmotic minipumps. After 12(More)
It is becoming evident that IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is the most common glomerular disease, and a frequent cause of end-stage renal failure in both white and Asian populations. Its significance as a public health problem is not known since little epidemiologic research is available in most countries. The apparent geographic variations in the percentage of(More)