James E. Beck

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T he effects of Moore's law are apparent everywhere: Chip density, processor speed, memory cost, disk capacity, and network bandwidth are improving relentlessly. As computing costs plummet, a resource that we have ignored until now becomes the limiting factor in computer systems—user attention, namely a person's ability to focus on his or her primary task.(More)
This paper considers the problem of task allocation for embedded, bus-based multicomputers. The problem is shown to be isomorphic to a generalization of vector packing, and heuristic solution techniques are investigated. A total of 256 packing algorithms are considered, using a divide-and-conquer experimentation strategy on a set of sixteen real and(More)
A new technology for manufacturing mechatronics is described. The technique is based on recursive masking and deposition of thermally sprayed materials. Using these methods, structures can be created that embed and interconnect electronic components, resulting in highly integrated mechatronic devices. A simple, electro-mechanical artifact was designed and(More)
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