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Alphavirus-based replicon systems are frequently used as preclinical vectors and as antigen discovery tools, and they have recently been assessed in clinical vaccine trials. Typically, alphavirus replicon RNAs are delivered within virus-like replicon particles (VRP) that are produced following transfection of replicon RNA and two helper RNAs into permissive(More)
Cutaneous malignant melanoma, the most lethal of the skin cancers, known for its intractability to current therapies, continues to increase in incidence, providing a significant public health challenge. There is a consensus that skin cancer is initiated by sunlight exposure. For non-melanoma skin cancer there is substantial evidence that chronic exposure to(More)
The effects of a vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) receptor antagonist on mammary carcinogenesis were investigated using the C3(1)SV40T antigen (ag) mice. Ten microg/day VIPhybrid (VIPhyb) administered daily subcutaneously increased significantly the survival of C3(1)SV40Tag mice. At 5.2 months, VIPhyb significantly reduced the mammary tumor burden in(More)
Extreme physical conditions in the deep space environment result in the severe challenge of unreliable deep-space data communications. Moreover, high data rate services such as Earth-Mar multimedia communication in space exploration applications consume significant amount of energy, while the limited battery energy storage forms another communication(More)
In this paper, we propose a QoS optimized power control approach to achieve an optimum multimedia communication quality over the InterPlaNetary (IPN) Internet with a strict energy consumption budget. The transmission power to send each frame is optimized by jointly considering the unequal distortion reduction gain of the multimedia data, energy consumption(More)
The quantization parameter (QP) has very important impact on the compression rate, Quality of Experience (QoE) and packet error rate in wireless H.264 multimedia communications. In this paper we show in order to achieve desirable QoE in wireless multimedia communication systems, a good estimate for the adaptive QP is required. In order to achieve good(More)
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