James Drakakis

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Many large urban hospitals converting to filmless radiography use a phased approach for digital imaging implementation. In fact, this strategy often is recommended by picture archival communication systems (PACS) experts and vendors alike for large, busy hospitals installing PACS in existing physical facilities. The concern is that comprehensive conversion(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy over the prevalence of the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) and cerebral or renal salt wasting (RSW), 2 syndromes with identical common clinical and laboratory parameters but different therapies. The traditional approach to the hyponatremic patient relies on volume assessment, but there are(More)
Autoregulation of glomerular capillary pressure via regulation of the resistances at the afferent and efferent arterioles plays a critical role in maintaining the glomerular filtration rate over a wide range of mean arterial pressure. Angiotensin II and prostaglandins are among the agents which contribute to autoregulation and drugs which interfere with(More)
INTRODUCTION A variety of medications may cause drug fever. Drug fevers may persist for days to weeks until diagnosis is considered. The diagnosis of drug fever is confirmed when there is resolution of fever within 3 days after the medication is discontinued. Only rarely do undiagnosed drug fevers persist for over 3 weeks to meet fever of unknown origin(More)
Increased whole blood viscosity (WBV) can be injurious to the vascular endothelium and increase the risk of atherothrombotic events. This study examined the effect of hemodialysis ultrafiltration (UF) on WBV, with a focus on high vs. low-volume UF patients. In stable hemodialysis patients, blood was drawn for hematocrit (Hct) and WBV at the start, midpoint,(More)
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