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  • J A Domer
  • 1989
The renal dietitian has the challenge of planning a renal diet for patients treated with hemodialysis. The diet must be individualized to provide adequate nutrition for maintenance of ideal body weight and provide for the patient's sense of well-being (1). Because eating and drinking during hemodialysis present serious potential health risks (2-4), the(More)
  • J A Domer
  • 1983
The quality of food service and nutrition education at a private day care center concerned a registered dietitian who was also a graduate student in public health nutrition and the mother of a toddler enrolled at the center. As part of her information search, the dietitian discussed her concerns with an interdisciplinary team of public health nutritionists,(More)
(" Amici ") hereby certify that: (1) None of the Amici has a parent corporation; (2) No publicly held corporation owns 10% or more of the stock of any of the Amici; and (3) The following is a list of those who have an interest in the outcome of this case and/or appeal: Whether Florida's laws – which fail to allow same-sex marriage and refuse to recognize(More)
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