James Dean Palmer

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In this paper we describe Ginger, a new language with first class support for literate programming. Literate programming is a philosophy that argues computer programs should be written as literature with human readability and understanding of paramount importance. While the intent of literate programming is to make understanding computer programs simpler,(More)
In this paper we introduce G-expressions, a new syntax based on the S-expression syntax utilized by most Lisp family languages. We have implemented a new homoiconic language, Ginger, based on this syntax and a Smalltalk inspired object system. Like the Scheme language, Ginger employs only a few special forms and observes a minimalist discipline allowing(More)
In this paper we provide an experience report where language oriented programming approaches are applied to complex game design. Ficticious is a G-expression based pidgin of several microlanguages designed for describing complex narrative worlds that exist within interactive fiction. G-expression language transformations convert code written in Ficticious(More)
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