James David Richards

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The quality of life in leukaemia is as important as its quantity. In fifty-one patients the quality and quantity of life were improved by less aggressive treatment than is usual. By not trying to induce complete remission at all costs, the mobidity and early mortality were reduced and at least an equivalence in survival was obtained.
The objective of the present study was to identify potential biomarkers for gut barrier failure in chickens. A total of 144 day-of-hatch Ross 308 male broiler chickens were housed in 24 battery cages with six chicks per cage. Cages were randomly assigned to either a control group (CON) or gut barrier failure (GBF) group. During the first 13 days, birds in(More)
SUMMARY Lameness is the phenotypic expression of a wide variety of genetic, conformational, nutritional, toxic, and infectious conditions. Poultry selected for rapid growth are susceptible to lameness, and it can be a significant source of mortality in heavy birds. Genetic selection has been successful in providing annual improvements in meat poultry(More)
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