James Damon

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In non-Euclidean data spaces represented by manifolds (or more generally stratified spaces), analogs of principal component analysis can be more easily developed using a backwards approach. There has been a gradual evolution in the application of this idea from using increasing geodesic subspaces of submanifolds in analogy with PCA to using a “backward(More)
Crowdsourcing marketplaces provide opportunities for autonomous and collaborative professional work as well as social engagement. However, in these marketplaces, workers feel disrespected due to unreasonable rejections and low payments, whereas requesters do not trust the results they receive. The lack of trust and uneven distribution of power among workers(More)
S cientists have an inherent interest in claiming their contributions to the scholarly record, but the fragmented state of identity management across the landscape of astronomy, physics, and other fields makes highlighting the contributions of any single individual a formidable and often frustratingly complex task. The problem is exacerbated by the(More)
Statistical descriptions of anatomical geometry play an important role in many medical image analysis applications. For instance, geometry statistics are useful in understanding the structural changes in anatomy that are caused by growth and disease. Classical statistical techniques can be applied to study geometric data that are elements of a linear space.(More)
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