James Dalgleish

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The most important step in any quantitative proteomic pipeline is feature detection (aka peak picking). However, generating quality hand-annotated data sets to validate the algorithms, especially for lower abundance peaks, is nearly impossible. An alternative for creating gold standard data is to simulate it with features closely mimicking real data. We(More)
Twenty patients with severe pregnancy induced (PIH) or pregnancy aggravated (PAH) hypertension, undergoing general anaesthesia for Caesarean section were studied. All patients received a standard anaesthetic technique designed to control the potentially dangerous, reflex cardiovascular instability associated with laryngoscopy. The average increase in(More)
MOTIVATION Modern lipidomics is largely dependent upon structural ontologies because of the great diversity exhibited in the lipidome, but no automated lipid classification exists to facilitate this partitioning. The size of the putative lipidome far exceeds the number currently classified, despite a decade of work. Automated classification would benefit(More)
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