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Bioengineered functional brain-like cortical tissue
Significance A modular 3D brain-like cortical tissue is constructed with silk protein-based scaffold and ECM composite and primary cortical neurons. This tissue responds in vitro with biochemical andExpand
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Microreactors as new tools for drug discovery and development.
In common with other producers of fine chemicals, the pharmaceutical industry can deploy flow microreactors to provide a more flexible production regime than is achievable with large-scale batch reactors. Expand
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Requirements Definition for ORNL Trusted Corridors Project
The ORNL Trusted Corridors Project has several other names: SensorNet Transportation Pilot; Identification and Monitoring of Radiation (in commerce) Shipments (IMR(ic)S); and SoutheasternExpand
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Neural tissue microphysiological systems in the era of patient-derived pluripotent stem cells
Abstract Neurological conditions not only can be devastating to patients and families but also are among the most difficult disorders for researchers to understand. More than 1 billion peopleExpand
The Application of Exploratory Data Analysis in Marketing: An Introduction to Selected Methods
This paper introduces the family of techniques called exploratory data analysis, an informal method of data examination designed to explore the structure of the data. Expand