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Single-Member Districts and the Representation of Women in American State Legislatures: The Effects of Electoral System Change
  • James D. King
  • Political Science
  • State Politics & Policy Quarterly
  • 1 June 2002
This study assesses the effects of changing electoral structure on the representation of women in American state legislatures. Specifically, how does converting from multimember districts (MMDs) toExpand
Incumbent Popularity and Vote Choice in Gubernatorial Elections
Studies of gubernatorial elections have found vote choice to be a function of party identification, assessments of economic conditions, and the president's job performance but have not tested for aExpand
The Effect of Negative Campaign Advertising on Vote Choice: The Mediating Influence of Gender*
Objective. Some studies of negative campaign advertising's impact argue that a backlash or “boomerang effect” exists. However, the appropriate conceptualization of a boomerang effect might not be anExpand
Political Action Committees in State Elections
While the number o f state PACs and their campaign contributions have increased substantially over the past decade, much remains unknown regarding their organization and activities. From a survey o fExpand
Relative Unemployment and Gubernatorial Popularity
Considerable debate exists over whether the public holds the governor accountable for the state's economy. Part of the controversy stems from weak design and limitations in data, but part also fromExpand
Senate confirmation of cabinet nominations: Institutional politics and nominee qualifications
Abstract The outcomes of votes to confirm cabinet nominations can be viewed from the perspective of the individual nominee's qualifications for the position or one which places confirmation votes inExpand
Interparty Competition in the American States: an Examination of Index Components
EW aspects of political activities in the American states have attracted the attention as has the level of competition between the Democratic and Republican parties. In the wake of V. O. Key's (1949Expand
What Determines a Governor's Popularity?
Modern American state governorships have great formal policymaking authority, but, like the presidency, they also possess various informal powers to influence policymakers and policymaking. Among theExpand
Senate confirmation of appointments to the cabinet and executive office of the president
Abstract Appointments to senior-level executive positions are at times the subjects of disagreement between the president and Congress. Recent changes in the nature of the executive-legislativeExpand