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PURPOSE Physician assistants (PAs) have made major contributions to the primary care workforce. Since the mid-1990s, however, the percentage of PAs working in primary care has declined. The purpose of this study was to identify demographic characteristics associated with PAs who practice in primary care. METHODS We obtained data from the 2009 American(More)
BACKGROUND Salary discrepancies between male and female physicians are well documented; however, gender-based salary differences among clinically practicing physician assistants (PAs) have not been studied since 1992 (Willis, 1992). Therefore, the objectives of the current study are to evaluate the presence of salary discrepancies between clinically(More)
This project gathered survey information from physicians, physician assistants, dentists and pharmacists in Arizona who, while enrolled or following a completion of a monitored aftercare program, had relapsed back to active chemical dependency. The findings suggest several subjective factors that contributed to the subjects' relapse included (1) dishonesty(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the incidence and causative agent of the recurrent outbreaks of acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) among different rafting groups on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park during the 2012 summer season. METHODS Confidential illness reports were completed by all individuals with symptoms of AGI, and samples of fecal(More)
BACKGROUND Many pregnant women use dietary supplements during pregnancy; however, relatively scant information is available on the safety of these products. Consumers of dietary supplements often rely on employees of health food stores to provide recommendations. OBJECTIVE To evaluate recommendations made by health food store employees in the Phoenix(More)
OBJECTIVES Compare outcomes of hybrid bare-metal stent (BMS)/sirolimus-eluting stent (SES) to BMS alone for the treatment of stenoses in small coronary arteries. BACKGROUND One approach to potentially reduce the risk of restenosis in long lesions with smaller distal reference diameters is to use a small (2.0-2.5 mm) "BMS cap" (BMC) distally, telescoped in(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates emergency physicians' perceptions of the malpractice risk posed by utilization of physician assistants (PAs) in emergency departments (EDs) in 2004 and again in 2009. METHODS A 16-question survey was mailed to a random sample of 1,000 active members of the American College of Emergency Physicians in 2004 and again in 2009.(More)