James D. Price

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The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of deep wound infection after surgery for proximal femoral fracture (PFF) on the patient in terms of mortality and social consequences, and on the National Health Service in terms of financial burden. Sixty-one cases of PFF over a six-year period were complicated with deep surgical wound infection. These(More)
BACKGROUND People with dementia often wander, at times putting themselves at risk and presenting challenges to carers and institutional staff. Traditional interventions to prevent wandering include restraint, drugs and locked doors. Cognitively impaired people may respond to environmental stimuli (sounds, images, smells) in ways distinct from healthy(More)
At ten-years follow-up of 64 haemodialysis patients, 43 had died and 21 were alive, twelve with cadaver renal transplants and nine on haemodialysis. Examination of the influence of psychological, demographic, physical and biochemical factors revealed the Beck Depression Inventory and age as the two most important predictors of survival. The behaviour of the(More)
The role of the family in the development of Machiavellianism was examined in this study. High- and low-Machiavellian sixth graders played a bluffing game. Their parents completed Machiavellian belief measures. The Machiavellianism of fathers and mothers was positively related to their children's success at deceiving others but not at seeing through others'(More)
INTRODUCTION a professional man sustained a residual, persisting, isolated impairment of short-term memory secondary to severe carbon monoxide poisoning. Informal, open trial of the cholinesterase inhibitor donepezil resulted in uncertain benefit. PROTOCOL an N-of-1 randomized, double-blind controlled trial of donepezil against placebo. Placebo-induced(More)
This study aims to determine, by outcome analysis, the appropriateness of current criteria employed to select patients for total hip arthroplasty (THA) as the primary treatment for displaced intracapsular hip fracture (DICHF). This study is intended to inform prospective randomised controlled trials investigating the efficacy of THA as a primary treatment.(More)
Extensive evidence from ancient Near Eastern .texts and from normal Hebrew syntax supports the view that wxr is a toponym in Ezek 38:2, 3; 39:1. The syntactical support involves a detailed examination of instances where some scholars posit a break in a construct chain. These hypothetical breaks are not convincing for several reasons. Therefore, wxr in Ezek(More)