James D. O'Leary

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PURPOSE Various bibliometric citation indices have been used to evaluate research productivity and scientific impact, but recently, Hirsch's h-index has gained widespread recognition. Although described initially for physical sciences, h-indices are being used to assess research productivity and impact in other disciplines. METHODS In this descriptive(More)
PURPOSE Sorafenib is an oral multikinase inhibitor that targets the Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK mitogenic signaling pathway and the angiogenic receptor tyrosine kinases, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 and platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta. We evaluated the antitumor response and tolerability of sorafenib in patients with relapsed or(More)
The EntericBio system uses a multiplex PCR assay for the simultaneous detection of Campylobacter spp., Salmonella enterica, Shigella spp., and Escherichia coli O157 from feces. It combines overnight broth enrichment with PCR amplification and detection by hybridization. An evaluation of this system was conducted by comparing the results obtained with the(More)
A total of 7194 faecal samples collected over a 1-year period from patients presenting with diarrhoea were screened for Campylobacter spp. using EntericBio(®) , a multiplex-PCR system. Of 349 Campylobacter-positive samples, 23.8% were shown to be Campylobacter ureolyticus, using a combination of 16S rRNA gene analysis and highly specific primers targeting(More)
Infections with Campylobacter spp. pose a significant health burden worldwide. The significance of Campylobacter jejuni/Campylobacter coli infection is well appreciated but the contribution of non-C. jejuni/C. coli spp. to human gastroenteritis is largely unknown. In this study, we employed a two-tiered molecular study on 7194 patient faecal samples(More)
Bibliometrics are often used as key indicators when evaluating academic groups and individual researchers in biomedical research. Citation metrics, when used as indicators of research performance, require accurate benchmarking for homogenous groups. This study describes the research performance of academic departments in the University of Toronto’s Faculty(More)
OBJECTIVES Early tissue injury and recurrent pain in sickle cell disease (SCD) may alter pain and sensory processing. In this study, we evaluate thermal pain and sensory processing for 27 children aged 10.3 to 18.3 years with SCD and 28 African-American control patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Outcome measures included heat and cold detection thresholds,(More)
OBJECTIVE The recent introduction of substance abuse treatment measures to the Health Plan Employer and Data Information Set (HEDIS) highlights the importance of this area for managed care organizations (MCOs). Particularly challenging are members first diagnosed in an emergency department (ED). STUDY DESIGN Retrospective claims analysis. METHODS Claims(More)
AIMS The Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Cancer Genomics completed a 2-year stakeholder-guided process for the prioritization of genomic tests for comparative effectiveness research studies. We sought to evaluate the effectiveness of engagement procedures in achieving project goals and to identify opportunities for future improvements. (More)
Objective measures of research performance are necessary to facilitate academic advancement of trainee physicians. In this cross-sectional study, all anaesthetists (n = 98) in higher specialist training in Ireland were surveyed to determine bibliometrics of their scientific publications and individual and institutional characteristics that can influence(More)