James D. O'Leary

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PURPOSE Various bibliometric citation indices have been used to evaluate research productivity and scientific impact, but recently, Hirsch's h-index has gained widespread recognition. Although described initially for physical sciences, h-indices are being used to assess research productivity and impact in other disciplines. METHODS In this descriptive(More)
BACKGROUND The SQUIRE (Standards of QUality Improvement Reporting Excellence) guidelines were developed to improve the reporting of quality improvement (QI) projects. The effect of the guidelines on the completeness of reporting in the QI literature is unknown. OBJECTIVES Our primary objective was to determine if the completeness of reporting in the QI(More)
OBJECTIVES Early tissue injury and recurrent pain in sickle cell disease (SCD) may alter pain and sensory processing. In this study, we evaluate thermal pain and sensory processing for 27 children aged 10.3 to 18.3 years with SCD and 28 African-American control patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Outcome measures included heat and cold detection thresholds,(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear whether exposure to surgery in early life has long-term adverse effects on child development. The authors aimed to investigate whether surgery in early childhood is associated with adverse effects on child development measured at primary school entry. METHODS The authors conducted a population-based cohort study in Ontario,(More)
Bibliometrics are often used as key indicators when evaluating academic groups and individual researchers in biomedical research. Citation metrics, when used as indicators of research performance, require accurate benchmarking for homogenous groups. This study describes the research performance of academic departments in the University of Toronto’s Faculty(More)
BACKGROUND In health care, most preventable adverse events occur in the operating room. Surgical safety checklists have become a standard of care for safe operating room practice, but there is conflicting evidence for the effectiveness of checklists to improve perioperative outcomes in some populations. Our objective was to determine whether surgical safety(More)
PURPOSE Complete and accurate reporting of original research in the biomedical literature is essential for healthcare professionals to translate research outcomes appropriately into clinical practice. Use of reporting guidelines has become commonplace among journals, peer reviewers, and authors. This narrative review aims 1) to inform investigators, peer(More)
We present the case of a neonate with congenital tracheal stenosis (1.4-mm diameter) who came to the operating room as both an unanticipated and anticipated case of difficult airway management. We discuss the airway management of newborn children with congenital tracheal stenosis, and rescue options for the difficult airway in very small children.
PURPOSE Published clinical practice guidelines recommend that all patients from ethnic groups with a high prevalence of sickle cell disease (SCD) undergo preoperative screening for this hemoglobinopathy. Newborn Screening Ontario initiated a universal sickle hemoglobinopathy screening program in 2006 as part of its regional newborn screening program. The(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether rehearsal (the deliberate practice of skills specific to a procedure) or warm-up (the act or process of warming up by light exercise or practice) prior to performing complex clinical procedures on patients can improve the task performance of operators and operating teams. METHOD The authors performed an advanced literature(More)