James D. Murray

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We have extended a mathematical model of gliomas based on proliferation and diffusion rates to incorporate the effects of augmented cell motility in white matter as compared to grey matter. Using a detailed mapping of the white and grey matter in the brain developed for a MRI simulator, we have been able to simulate model tumours on an anatomically accurate(More)
The spreading of cells across the surface of an epidermal wound enables epidermal migration to be studied independently of the wound contraction that occurs in deeper wounds. In particular, the stimulus for the increase in epidermal mitosis during would healing is uncertain. Our modelling suggests that biochemical regulation of mitosis is fundamental to the(More)
Over the last 10 years increasingly complex mathematical models of cancerous growths have been developed, especially on solid tumors, in which growth primarily comes from cellular proliferation. The invasiveness of gliomas, however, requires a change in the concept to include cellular motility in addition to proliferative growth. In this article we review(More)
Gliomas are brain tumours that differ from most other cancers by their diffuse invasion of the surrounding normal tissue and their notorious recurrence following all forms of therapy. We have developed a mathematical model to quantify the spatio-temporal growth and invasion of gliomas in three dimensions throughout a virtual human brain. The model(More)
We present a simple model for the spatial spread of rabies among foxes and use it to quantify its progress in England if rabies were introduced. The model is based on the known ecology of fox behaviour and on the assumption that the main vector for the spread of the disease is the rabid fox. Known data and facts are used to determine real parameter values(More)
During the past two decades computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have permitted the detection of tumours at much earlier stages in their development than was previously possible. In spite of this earlier diagnosis the effects of earlier and more extensive treatments have been difficult to document. This failure has led to an(More)
Transgenesis provides a method of expressing novel proteins in milk to increase the functional benefits of milk consumption. Transgenic goats expressing human lysozyme (hLZ) at 67% of the concentration in human breast milk were produced, thereby enhancing the antimicrobial properties of goats' milk. The objective of this study was to investigate the impact(More)
Mathematical modeling combined with experimental measurements have yielded important insights into HIV-1 pathogenesis. For example, data from experiments in which HIV-infected patients are given potent antiretroviral drugs that perturb the infection process have been used to estimate kinetic parameters underlying HIV infection. Many of the models used to(More)
Research in animal neuropsychology is providing an exciting new generation of behavioral tests for mice that promise to overcome many of the limitations of current high-throughput testing, and provide direct animal homologues of clinically important measures in human research. Set shifting tasks are some of the best understood and widely used human(More)
Many embryonic cells generate substantial contractile forces as they spread and crawl. These forces mechanically deform each cell's local environment, and the resulting distortions can alter subsequent cell movements by convection and the mechanisms of contact guidance and haptotaxis. Here we develop a model for the cumulative effects of these(More)