James D. Mitchell

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Three-dimensional (3D) fast spin-echo (FSE) imaging can produce contiguous thin sections for high-quality multiplanar reconstructions. Such reformatted images may be useful in the evaluation of three-dimensionally complex, curvilinear anatomic structures such as the hippocampus. The authors describe a 3D FSE protocol for T2-weighted imaging of the(More)
A method for detection and removal of random spike noise in magnetic resonance (MR) raw data (k-space data) is described. This method would reduce or eliminate the corduroy-type and higher than usual level artifacts in MR images resulting from random spike noise in k-space data. The method described involves applying a spatially varying threshold to be(More)
BACKGROUND Bulimia nervosa (BN) and borderline personality disorder (BPD) are disorders that involve emotion dysregulation, for negative emotion in particular, as well as impulsive behaviors beyond binge eating and vomiting. Given these similarities in psychopathology, it is not surprising that those with BN also present with BPD in approximately one third(More)
In this note we give an elementary proof of a theorem first proved by J. A. Erdos [3]. This theorem, which is the main result of [3], states that every noninvertible n × n matrix is a finite product of matrices M with the property that M 2 = M. (These are known as idempotent matrices. Noninvertible matrices are also called singular matrices.) An alternative(More)
In this paper an algorithm is presented that can be used to calculate the automorphism group of a finite transformation semigroup. The general algorithm employs a special method to compute the automorphism group of a finite simple semigroup. As an application of the algorithm, all the automorphism groups of semigroup of order at most 7 and of the(More)
Let Ω Ω be the semigroup of all mappings of a countably infinite set Ω. If U and V are subsemigroups of Ω Ω , then we write U ≈ V if there exists a finite subset F of Ω Ω such that the subgroup generated by U and F equals that generated by V and F. The relative rank of U in Ω Ω is the least cardinality of a subset A of Ω Ω such that the union of U and A(More)
We describe how the SgpDec computer algebra package can be used for composing and decomposing permutation groups and transformation semigroups hierarchically by directly constructing substructures of wreath products, the so called cascade products. transformation semigroup, permutation group, wreath product, Krohn-Rhodes Theory
In this paper, we consider the group Aut(Q, ≤) of order-automorphisms of the rational numbers, proving a result analogous to a theorem of Galvin's for the symmetric group. In an announcement, Khélif states that every countable subset of Aut(Q, ≤) is contained in an N-generated subgroup of Aut(Q, ≤) for some fixed N ∈ N. We show that the least such N is 2.(More)