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Prediction of remaining life of power transformers based on left truncated and right censored lifetime data" (2008). Statistics Preprints. Paper 63. Prediction of the remaining life of high-voltage power transformers is an important issue for energy companies because of the need for planning maintenance and capital expenditures. Lifetime data for such(More)
—This paper proposes the application of unsymmetric multifrontal method to solve the differential algebraic equations (DAE) encountered in the power system dynamic simulation. The proposed method achieves great computational efficiency as compared to the conventional Gaussian elimination methods and other linear sparse solvers due to the inherent parallel(More)
(PSERC) is a multi-university Center conducting research on challenges facing the electric power industry and educating the next generation of power engineers. More information about PSERC can be found at the Center's website: Notice Concerning Copyright Material PSERC members are given permission to copy without fee all or part of this publication for(More)
Wu, Xiang, "Optimal replacement in the proportional hazards model and its applications in a product-service system" (2012). DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this thesis to my wife, Bei Huang; without whose love and support I would not have been able to complete this work.
This paper deals with present trends and some future expectations and discusses the barriers to implementation of the smart grid, and how each sector of the field from supplier to consumer is approaching these barriers. ABSTRACT | This paper explores how electricity systems may evolve in the 21st century. The paper focuses on some fundamental challenges(More)
Cost-effective equipment maintenance for electric power transmission systems requires ongoing integration of information from multiple, highly distributed, and heterogeneous data sources storing various information about equipment. This paper describes a fed-erated, query-centric data integration and knowledge acquisition framework for condition monitoring(More)
This paper describes a new maintenance selection and scheduling approach for bulk transmission equipment that is based on the cumulative long-term risk caused by failure of each piece of equipment. This approach not only accounts for equipment failure probability and equipment damage, as do most state of the art reliability centered maintenance (RCM)(More)
In electric power transmission systems, the assets include transmission lines, transformers, power plants and support structures. Maintaining these assets to reliably deliver electric energy at low prices is critical for a nation's growth and development. Towards this end, we describe a novel service-oriented architecture for sensing, information(More)