James D. McCalley

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Cost-effective equipment maintenance for electric power transmission systems requires ongoing integration of information from multiple, highly distributed, and heterogeneous data sources storing various information about equipment. This paper describes a fed-erated, query-centric data integration and knowledge acquisition framework for condition monitoring(More)
This paper deals with present trends and some future expectations and discusses the barriers to implementation of the smart grid, and how each sector of the field from supplier to consumer is approaching these barriers. ABSTRACT | This paper explores how electricity systems may evolve in the 21st century. The paper focuses on some fundamental challenges(More)
The total replacement value of the US transmission lines alone (excluding land) is conservatively estimated at over $100 billion dollars [1] and triples when including transformers and circuit breakers. Investment in new transmission equipment has significantly declined over the past 15 years. Some of the equipment is well beyond intended life, yet is(More)
In electric power transmission systems, the assets include transmission lines, transformers, power plants and support structures. Maintaining these assets to reliably deliver electric energy at low prices is critical for a nation's growth and development. Towards this end, we describe a novel service-oriented architecture for sensing, information(More)
Electric power transmission systems are comprised of a large number of physical assets, including transmission lines, power transformers, and circuit breakers, that are capital-intensive, highly distributed, and may fail. Managing these assets under resource constraints requires equipment health monitoring integrated with system level decision-making to(More)
Current injections at a bus are analogous to power injections. The student may have already been introduced to them in the form of current sources at a node. Current injections may be either positive (into the bus) or negative (out of the bus). Unlike current flowing through a branch (and thus is a branch quantity), a current injection is a nodal quantity.(More)
Due to recent trends of expansion and deregulation in power systems, the stress level of power systems has increased which has highlighted the importance of conducting stability analysis. Further, due to increasing emphasis on analyzing <i>N</i> -- <i>k</i> contingency, the number of contingencies which are required to be analyzed has greatly increased. To(More)