James D Martin-Smith

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BACKGROUND The development of a fistula between the tracheobronchial tree and the gastric conduit post esophagectomy is a rare and often fatal complication. CASE PRESENTATION A 68 year old man underwent radical esophagectomy for esophageal adenocarcinoma. On postoperative day 14 the nasogastric drainage bag dramatically filled with air, without(More)
BACKGROUND Cleft palate fistulas of the anterior hard palate following previous repair are a challenging surgical problem. In addition to nasal regurgitation and potential adverse effects on speech, these fistulas may necessitate obturation with a removable dental prosthesis and can mitigate a fixed prosthodontic dental reconstruction. The authors present a(More)
Hard palate closure with a vomer flap at the time of lip repair has been widely adopted. A recent study by Deshpande et al. showed a high rate of failure of the vomer flap and led the authors to abandon the technique. We conducted a retrospective study of vomer flap healing in a consecutive series of cases performed by the senior author (D.O.). The case(More)
Patients recovering from hand surgery frequently ask when it is safe to drive and it is unclear where the responsibility lies; the surgeon, the patient or the insurance company. An eight-question survey looking at various aspects of clinical practice was circulated to consultant and trainee plastic and orthopaedic surgeons in Ireland and the UK. Of the 89(More)
Hurling is an Irish national game of stick and ball known for its ferocity, played by 190 000 players. Facial injuries were common but have been significantly reduced by legislation enforcing compulsory helmet wearing. Current standard helmets worn by hurlers do not offer protection to the external ear. Here we describe an emerging pattern of ear injuries(More)
Epigastric pain is a very common symptom which can be caused by a wide range of clinical conditions. A 28 year old male presented to our clinic with new onset severe epigastric pain. As part of the routine work up for pain of this nature, we proceeded to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. A toothpick was found lodged in the antral gastric wall with a(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical intervention for giant inguino-scrotal herniae in the acute setting is high risk with significantly increased incidence of morbidity and mortality. While uncommon in modern practise, there are several surgical issues and approaches that need to be considered when this problem presents. CASE REPORT AND DISCUSSION We describe the(More)
Myxofibrosarcoma is a rare cause of swelling in the upper extremities. The rarer form arising in the deep tissues can present a diagnostic difficulty. The treatment of high-grade myxofibrosarcoma in the extremity requires tissue diagnosis, accurate staging, careful multidisciplinary agreement on treatment, accurate execution of that treatment, and finally(More)