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Relationships between body mass index (BMI) and weight gain with perinatal outcome and birthweight were examined. BMI was calculated on 582 consecutive pregnant women who delivered at or >37 weeks gestational age. Statistical analysis was done using Chi-square tests, analysis of variance, and multiple logistic regression. Of those studied, 13% were(More)
This investigation examined the accuracy of recall of females to questions concerning ages at memarche, natural and surgical menopause, first use of oral contraceptives and mean menstrual cycle length and variance. A sample of 160 women who had recorded their menstrual and reproductive events as they occurred were administered a questionnaire concerning(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure primary care physicians' attitudes toward psychosocial issues, determine their relationship to the style of the medical interview, and assess whether attitudes and interview behaviors lead to correct diagnosis in patients with depression. DESIGN Physicians were videotaped while interviewing four patients standardized with criteria(More)
This study explored differences and similarities in the experiences of African American and White family caregivers of dementia patients living in rural Alabama. This cross-sectional survey used a caregiving stress model to investigate the interrelationships between caregiving burden, mediators, and outcomes. Random-digit-dialing telephone interviews were(More)
This study examined effects of dehydration on a full body resistance exercise workout. Ten males completed two trials: heat exposed (with 100% fluid replacement) (HE) and dehydration (~3% body mass loss with no fluid replacement) (DEHY) achieved via hot water bath (~39°C). Following HE and DEHY, participants performed three sets to failure (using(More)
This study examined effects of heat exposure with and without dehydration on repeated anaerobic cycling. Males (n = 10) completed 3 trials: control (CT), water-bath heat exposure (∼39°C) to 3% dehydration (with fluid replacement) (HE), and similar heat exposure to 3% dehydration (DEHY). Hematocrit increased significantly from pre to postheat immersion in(More)
Oral (Tor) and tympanic (Tty) temperatures were examined as alternatives for rectal temperature (Tre) as a heat strain indicator. Subjects were 20 male volunteers (age = 18-33 yr). A workload was determined in chemical protective clothing (CPC) by having the subject walk on a treadmill until a VO2 uptake of 1.33 (L/minute (approximately 650 W) was reached.(More)
OBJECTIVE Identify if constructs from the Eating and Appraisal Due to Emotions and Stress Model, including Emotion and Stress Related Eating, Appraisal of Ability and Resources to Cope, and Appraisal of Outside Influences and Stressors, were related to overweight and obesity. DESIGN Data were collected from a cross-sectional study using the Eating and(More)
Mental disorder diagnoses among 51 patients, made by a group of 20 family physicians, were compared with diagnoses generated by the Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS). Processes of diagnosis, decision making, and treatment planning were then examined through structured physician interviews and chart audits. In this study, 75 of 94 DIS diagnoses (79%) were(More)
It is well documented that primary care physicians encounter many patients in their practices who suffer psychiatric morbidity, especially affective, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. These physicians have been unable to effectively address the needs of these patients, over half of whom receive care exclusively in the primary care sector. Five years(More)