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The effects of brief caffeine deprivation on vigilance performance, mood, and symptoms of caffeine withdrawal were studied in habitual coffee drinkers. Thirty male and female coffee drinkers were tested twice at midday (1130 to 1330 hours) after mornings in which they either consumed caffeinated beverages ad lib or abstained. Vigilance performance was(More)
  • J D Lane
  • 1997
The effects of short-term deprivation of caffeinated beverages on mood, withdrawal symptoms, and psychomotor performance were studied in habitual coffee drinkers. Twenty-four male and female coffee drinkers were tested at midday (1130-1330 h) under two conditions. On one day they consumed caffeinated beverages ad lib prior to testing, and on the other they(More)
Muscarinic cholinergic and benzodiazepine receptor affinities and densities were evaluated in membranes from seven brain regions of rats intravenously self-administering morphine and in littermates receiving yoked-morphine or yoked vehicle infusions to identify neuronal systems potentially involved in mediating opiate reinforcement processes. Passive(More)
Progressive-ratio (PR) schedules may provide a more direct measure of drug-reinforcing efficacy than the more traditionally used fixed-ratio schedules. Under a PR schedule, an increasing number of lever presses is required for the delivery of each successive reinforcer. However, there have been few studies of fundamental parameters of cocaine(More)
The effect of caffeine on neuroendocrine stress responses in the workplace was studied in 14 habitual coffee drinkers. Urinary catecholamine and cortisol levels were measured on 2 study days, in a 4-hour interval from morning until noon, while participants performed their normal work-related activities. Caffeine (300 mg) or placebo was administered blind at(More)
When two tones of slightly different frequency are presented separately to the left and right ears the listener perceives a single tone that varies in amplitude at a frequency equal to the frequency difference between the two tones, a perceptual phenomenon known as the binaural auditory beat. Anecdotal reports suggest that binaural auditory beats within the(More)
Blood pressure is one of the most commonly recorded functions in physiology and medicine, and it has become a major variable in recent psychophysiological and behavioral medicine research. Many methods have been developed for the measurement of blood pressure in clinical, laboratory, and natural settings. The broad objectives of this report are to summarize(More)
OBJECTIVE The diabetes literature contains conflicting evidence on the relationship between depression and glycemic control. This may be due, in part, to the fact that past studies failed to distinguish between patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Because these are actually completely different diseases that are often treated differently and(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that low socioeconomic status (SES) and the 5HTTLPR L allele are associated with increased cardiovascular reactivity (CVR) to stress in a larger sample and that SES and 5HTTLPR genotypes interact to enhance CVR to stress. CVR to mental stress has been proposed as one mechanism linking stress to the pathogenesis of(More)