James D. Jancso

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Authors report on the sedative anxiolytic and anterograde amnesia causing effect of "Dormicum", in connection with 170 dental and/or oral surgery interventions. Initial dose of Dormicum was 0.1 mg/body weight kgs,--necessary repetitions occurred with 0.02-0,03 mg/body weight kgs. In 75% of the patients an acceptable level of sedation developed by using 0.1(More)
The authors have studied the side effects of a lyophilized and a dissolved cisplatin preparation in 133 patients with head and neck tumors. After intraarterial treatment (30 mg/24 hours) with dissolved cisplatin no nausea was observed, while treatment with lyophilized cisplatin was followed by nausea in rare cases (33%). Systemic treatment with dissolved(More)
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