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Sirolimus, being nonnephrotoxic, is a viable alternative in patients who develop renal insufficiency caused by calcineurin inhibitors (CIs). The aim of this study is to determine whether there is improvement in renal function in liver transplant recipients after switching to sirolimus-based immunosuppression. In this retrospective review, patients who were(More)
Cholestasis is a significant risk factor for immediate hepatic failure due to ischemia reperfusion (I/R) injury in patients undergoing liver surgery or transplantation. We recently demonstrated that inhibition of Hedgehog (Hh) signaling with cyclopamine (CYA) before I/R prevents liver injury. In this study we hypothesized that Hh signaling may modulate I/R(More)
PURPOSE Although Hedgehog (Hh) signaling is required for endodermal commitment and hepatogenesis, the possibility that it regulates liver injury after ischemia reperfusion (I/R) has not been considered. Therefore, we determined the expression pattern of Hh signaling and its role in liver injury following I/R using Hh antagonist cyclopamine (CYA). METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Maraviroc treatment for HIV-1 infected patients results in larger CD4(+) T cell rises than are attributable to its antiviral activity alone. We investigated whether this is due to modulation of T cell activation and inflammation. METHODS AND FINDINGS Thirty maraviroc-treated patients from the Maraviroc versus Efavirenz Regimens as Initial(More)
We have developed a nonmyeloablative preparative regimen that can produce mixed chimerism and renal allograft tolerance between MHC-disparate nonhuman primates. The basic regimen includes ATG, nonmyeloablative total-body irradiation (TBI, 300 rads), thymic irradiation (TI, 700 rads), and donor bone marrow infusion. Kidney allografts from MHC-mismatched(More)
This study compares the clinical course of recurrent hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection between 64 patients, who were randomized to receive either rabbit antithymocyte globulin (RATG) or steroids as induction therapy with tacrolimus for maintenance. The HCV recurrence was assessed by HCV RNA levels, peak ALT at 3-6 months, the grade of inflammation at biopsy(More)
A consensus conference sponsored by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS), American Society of Transplantation (AST), United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and American Society of Nephrology (ASN) convened to examine simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation (SLK). Directors from the 25 largest liver transplant programs along with speakers(More)
BACKGROUND In 2001, we published early results of a prospective randomized trial of 71 patients who received either steroids or rabbit antithymocyte globulin (RATG) for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). We now report follow-up on these patients and additional patients undergoing steroid-free OLT. METHODS A total of 119 adult OLT recipients were(More)
Recently, several epidemiologic observations have suggested that obesity might be an independent risk factor for certain malignancies such as breast cancer, colon cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and esophageal adenocarcinoma. However, there are no studies examining the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in obesity. The aim of the present study was to(More)