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Functional connection among the information-processing (grey-matter) centres within the CNS are necessary for the coordinated processing of perception, affect, thought and behaviour. Myelinated neuronal bundles provide the links among such processing centres. Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can assess the physical integrity of myelin.(More)
The even-ordered (2nd, 4th and 6th) derivatives of a brain MRI histogram were used to calculate a characteristic value for white matter, which was used to normalize the image intensity scale. Simulated image histograms were used to estimate the methodological error as a function of noise level, and the optimum derivative order was determined for each image(More)
Thalamic volumes and psychotic symptoms were assessed during psychotic exacerbation and during antipsychotic drug treatment. Reduction of psychotic symptoms (SAPS) during four weeks of treatment was highly correlated with volumetric expansion as measured by magnetic resonance imaging in both left and right thalamus [r(s)=0.75 and r(s)=0.82, respectively(More)
Eleven drug-free patients with a DSM-IV diagnosis of schizophrenia who were in a period of psychotic exacerbation were treated with antipsychotics for 4 weeks. To evaluate treatment-associated changes in the basal ganglia and in psychotic symptomatology, the patients were studied with magnetic resonance imaging and with the Scale for the Assessment of(More)
Research studies suggest that the left hemisphere is involved in the pathophysiology of dyslexia. Thus far, the exact location and nature of the purported lesion(s) remain a matter of contention. The present study describes the distribution of structural abnormalities as related to brain symmetry in the brains of dyslexic individuals. High-resolution(More)
A medical error can occur when a patient is positioned in a medical imaging device such as an MRI scanner if information regarding their orientation is improperly entered into the device control software. If such an error is not detected and corrected, the erroneous orientation data will be stored in the image header information and will propagate with the(More)
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