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The generalized estimating equation (GEE) approach is a widely used statistical method in the analysis of longitudinal data in clinical and epidemiological studies. It is an extension of the generalized linear model (GLM) method to correlated data such that valid standard errors of the parameter estimates can be drawn. Unlike the GLM method, which is based(More)
Genetic and environmental influences on variation in balance performance were measured in 93 monozygous and 83 dizygous female twin pairs aged 21-82 years (mean age, 50.5 years) in Melbourne, Australia, between 1999 and 2003. The authors administered clinical (Lord's Balance Test and Step Test) and laboratory tests of static and dynamic balance from the(More)
Statistical inference for the probability distribution of a reporting delay is considered when delays are recorded only after a certain point in time tau. A method is proposed which utilizes data on incidences arising prior to tau. By a suitable choice of parameters we find explicit expressions for maximum likelihood estimates and standard errors. An(More)
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