James Crowder

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Artificial feelings and emotions are beginning to play an increasingly important role as mechanisms for facilitating learning in intelligent systems. Here we present an architectural framework for artificial neural emotions through the use of an emotional memory system, based on Dr. Peter Levine's Autonomic Nervous System States. Tying the notions of Human(More)
Self-diagnostics and prognostics in multi-agent processing systems is explored in the context of selfsoothing concepts in Neuropsychology. The use of emotional memory and autonomic nervous state recall can be used to provide contextual cognition for system-level diagnostic and prognostics in large-scale systems. The use of an Artificial Cognitive Neural(More)
Many disciplines are wrought with high levels of uncertainty and many unknowns including transdisciplinary design. Hence, to achieve some advancement within a discipline, we must provide aids in achieving mitigation of complexity and increasing understanding. We achieve this by investigating beyond the boundaries of the existing discipline’s design(More)
In the real-time battlefield arena, situational awareness becomes critical to making the right decisions and achieving the overall goals for the system. The key to Situational Awareness is not simply collecting and disseminating data, but it is actually getting the right information to the right users at the right time. In ground processing systems, various(More)
Research shows that generating new knowledge is accomplished via natural human means: mental insights, scientific inquiry process, sensing, actions, and experiences, while context is information, which characterizes the knowledge and gives it meaning [8]. This knowledge is acquired via scientific research requiring the focused development of an established(More)
Having artificially intelligent machines that think, learn, reason, experience, and can function autonomously, without supervision, is one of the most intriguing goals in all of Computer Science. As the types of problems we would like machines to solve get more complex, it is becoming a necessary goal as well. One of the many problems associated with this(More)