James Crotinger

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POOMA is a C++ framework for developing portable scientific applications for serial and parallel computers using high-level physical abstractions. PETE is the expression template library used by POOMA. This paper discusses generic programming techniques that are used to achieve flexibility and high performance in POOMA and PETE. POOMA uses an engine class(More)
The Parallel Object-Oriented Methods and Applications (POOMA) Framework, written in ANSI/ISO C++, has demonstrated both great expressiveness and eecient code performance for large-scale scientiic applications on computing platforms ranging from workstations to massively parallel supercomputers. The POOMA Framework provides high-level abstractions for(More)
Results are presented from the rst systematic nonlinear kinetic simulation study of the scalings and parameter dependences of toroidal ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) turbulence and transport, and from the rst such study that includes sheared toroidal ows. Key results include the observation of clear gyroBohm scaling of the turbulent transport and of a(More)
POOMA is a templated C++ class library for use in the development of large-scale scientific simulations on serial and parallel computers. POOMA I1 is a new design and implementation of POOMA intended to add richer capabilities and greater flexibility to the framework. The new design employs a generic Array class that acts as an interface to, or view on, a(More)
In the solution of large-scale numerical problems, pamllel computing is becoming simultaneously more important and more difictilt. The complex organization of today’s multiprocessors with several memory hierarchies has forced the scientiific progmmmer to make a choice between simple but unscalable code and scalable but extremely complex code that does not(More)
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