James Crossland

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This study was designed to investigate the dimensionality of positive emotions and was run in two parts. In part 1, subjects were given a set of 24 different life-situations all of which commonly give rise to positive emotions. They sorted the 24 situations into groups on the basis of whether or not they produced similar emotional responses. In part 2 of(More)
The collagens associated with 14.5-d rat visceral yolk sacs were localized and identified by a variety of procedures. Morphological examination showed that both the visceral epithelium and mesothelium rested upon thin basement membranes, whereas the majority of the extracellular matrix consisted of a stroma containing occasional cells and abundant banded(More)
A method for the chronical administration of morphine by the oral route is discussed and compared with the production of physical dependence to morphine by injection. The method recommends the administration of Morphine HCl dissolved in a 45% sucrose syrup and given orally for 4 weeks. The initial concentration of morphine in the syrup was 1 mg/ml and was(More)
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