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We correlated the histopathology with outcome for all patients with endoscopically removed colonic polyps containing invasive adenocarcinoma seen at our institution over a 10-yr period. Invasion was defined as infiltration of malignant cells into the submucosa. Of a total of 1523 adenomatous polyps, 41 polyps (2.7%) in 39 patients contained invasive(More)
The autonomic phenotype of congestive cardiac failure is characterised by high sympathetic drive and impaired vagal tone, which are independent predictors of mortality. We hypothesize that impaired bradycardia to peripheral vagal stimulation following high-level sympathetic drive is due to sympatho-vagal crosstalk by the adrenergic co-transmitters galanin(More)
The mechanism of orange juice-induced heartburn is unclear. One previous uncontrolled study showed only a transient fall in lower esophageal sphincter pressure (LESP) after orange juice and suggested that orange juice-induced heartburn was caused by a direct effect on the esophageal mucosa. We studied the effect of orange juice on LESP by comparing(More)
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