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BACKGROUND AND METHODS Inositol is a major component of the intracellular mediators of insulin action. To investigate the possible role of altered inositol metabolism in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), we used gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to measure the myo-inositol and chiro-inositol content of urine specimens from normal(More)
This work provides a comprehensive customer-focused evaluation framework that businesses can use to assess their electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) readiness. The framework is intended to provide a big picture of the overall composition of e-CRM, to facilitate gap analysis, and to support a monitoring and feedback process. Knowledge(More)
Postprandial and postabsorptive glucose metabolism was studied in a 3-yr-old girl with leprechaunism by substrate and hormonal measurements and by quantifying hepatic glucose output during continuous infusion of D-[6-6-2H2]-glucose. Hepatic glucogen content and the activity of glycogen synthase and phosphorylase were also measured in the post-prandial state(More)