James Craig Burley

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Compiler support for intervals as intrinsic data types is essential for promoting the development and widespread use of interval software. It also plays an important role in encouraging the development of hardware support for interval arithmetic. This paper describes modiications made to the GNU Fortran Compiler to provide support for interval arithmetic.(More)
Compiler support for intervals as an intrinsic data type is essential for promoting widespread use of interval arithmetic. This document gives an overview of modiications being made to the GNU Fortran Compiler to provide support for interval arithmetic. It also describes the design of interval runtime libraries that will be used by the modiied compiler, and(More)
Interval arithmetic provides an efficient method for representing uncertainty in data that results from physical measurements. It is also useful in evaluating the accuracy of measurements that have been processed by software. To facilitate the development of interval arithmetic software, the GNU Fortran compiler has been modified to support interval(More)
To ease the burden of writing interval code and to help provide a standard for interval arithmetic, we have modiied the GNU Fortran Compiler to support intervals, as speciied in the Interval Arithmetic Speciication (IAS) 2]. We have also developed eecient interval runtime libraries, created a validation test suite for compilers that conform to the IAS, made(More)
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