James Christopher Jenista

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Developing parallel software using current tools can be challenging. Developers must reason carefully about the use of locks to avoid both race conditions and deadlocks. We present a compiler-assisted approach to parallel programming inspired by out-of-order hardware. In our approach, the developer annotates code blocks as reorderable to decouple these(More)
We present Dynamic Out-of-Order Java (DOJ), a dynamic parallelization approach. In DOJ, a developer annotates code blocks as tasks to decouple these blocks from the parent execution thread. The DOJ compiler then analyzes the code to generate heap examiners that ensure the parallel execution preserves the behavior of the original sequential program. Heap(More)
We present a disjoint reachability analysis for Java. Our analysis computes extended points-to graphs annotated with reachability states. Each heap node is annotated with a set of reachability states that abstract the reachability of objects represented by the node. The analysis also includes a global pruning step which analyzes a reachability graph to(More)
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