James Ching-Yu Yang

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We show that nuclear spin subsystems can be completely controlled via microwave irradiation of resolved anisotropic hyperfine interactions with a nearby electron spin. Such indirect addressing of the nuclear spins via coupling to an electron allows us to create nuclear spin gates whose operational time is significantly faster than conventional direct(More)
Moire´patterns often appear in the image obtained from scanning an image printed on a magazine or a newspaper. The patterns do not exist in the original printing but come from alias sampling of screened halftone pictures. A strategy to design a moire´suppression scanning procedure is proposed. Fourier analysis is presented for both the screening and the(More)
MoireH patterns are distortions on the results of scanning printed documents. However, the patterns can be utilized in document image segmentation and quality improvement. The moireH phenomenon comes from sampling periodical structures in images, such as halftone screens, color components, and text galleys which often appear in printed magazines and(More)
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