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(2015) Mainstreaming video annotation software for critical video analysis. Abstract: The range of video annotation software currently available is set within commercially specialized professions, distributed via outdated sources or through online video hosting services. As video content becomes an increasingly significant tool for analysis, there is a(More)
Changes in Irish climate may pose a number of obstacles for water resource management. There is a need to approach this problem using the catchment as the basic unit of analysis. The application of a lumped conceptual rainfall-runoff model for simulating beyond a baseline calibration set is a major challenge for climate change impact assessment. This is due(More)
Alternative reference prices, either displayed in the environment (external) or recalled from memory (internal) are known to influence consumer judgments and decisions. In one line of previous research, internal reference prices have been defined in terms of general price expectations. However, Thaler (Marketing Science 4 (1985) 199; Journal of Behavioral(More)
This paper investigates the player's body as a system capable of unfamiliar interactive movement achieved through digital mediation in a playful environment. Body interactions in both digital and non-digital environments can be considered as a perceptually manipulative exploration of self. This implies a player may alter how they perceive their body and its(More)
Sensitivity of calcium-selective electrodes heretofore has been limited to calcium concentrations above 10(-8) M in the absence of competing ions. We describe the use of calcium buffers to stabilize the free calcium in the reference electrode. Electrode calibration is linear to 10(-8) M and is curvilinear to 10(-11) M in the presence of 0.1 M ionic(More)