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Azadirachtin: structural requirements for reducing growth and increasing mortality in lepidopterous larvae
Generally, larvae were less sensitive to compounds when they were topically applied than when they was cannulated into the gut or injected into the haemolymph.
Synthesis of natural products from the Indian neem tree Azadirachta indica.
The synthesis of five natural products (3, 6, 7, 10, and 14), isolated from the Indian neem tree Azadirachta indica, is reported from a common intermediate (2). The judicious choice of
A Dual-Color Far-Red to Near-Infrared Firefly Luciferin Analogue Designed for Multiparametric Bioluminescence Imaging**
This work has synthesized and tested the first dual-color, far-red to near-infrared (nIR) emitting analogue of beetle luciferin, which, akin to natural lucifer in, exhibits pH dependent fluorescence spectra and emits bioluminescence of different colors with different engineered Fluc enzymes.
Near-infrared dual bioluminescence imaging in mouse models of cancer using infraluciferin
This novel near-infrared dual BLI system is being applied to monitor both tumour burden and CAR T cell therapy within a systemically induced mouse tumour model and established that iLH2 is superior to LH2 for the spectral unmixing of bioluminescent signals in vivo.
Nitro-Mannich reaction.
This paper presents a meta-analysis of Nitro-Mannich/Lactamization Cascades of 3-Nitrochromene Derivatives in the context of Heterocycle Synthesis and Applications to Synthesis, which highlights the importance of knowing the carrier and removal status of canine coronavirus.
Stereoselective synthesis of densely functionalized pyrrolidin-2-ones by a conjugate addition/nitro-Mannich/lactamization reaction.
A range of successful chemoselective transformations were investigated, which widens the applicability of the pyrrolidn-2-ones as stereochemically pure building blocks for further organic synthesis.