James C. Savage

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Nine 115- to 180-kg, hay-adapted, Holstein steers were fed an experimental diet with added sodium sulfate that induces polioencephalomalacia (PEM). Five calves developed the disease. Thiamine concentrations in blood, CSF, brain, and liver were not indicative of thiamine deficiency. The odor of hydrogen sulfide in eructated rumen gas was associated with the(More)
Changes in elevation between 1975 and October 1980 along a leveling line across the Long Valley caldera indicate a broad (half-width, 15 kilometers) uplift (maximum, 0.25 meter) centered on the old resurgent dome. This uplift is consistent with reinflation of a magma reservoir at a depth of about 10 kilometers. Stresses generated by this magmatic resurgence(More)
The plate tectonics model of the Pacific moving northwest relative to North America implies that the regional strain in California should be simple shear across a vertical plane striking N45 degrees W or equivalently equal parts of north-south contraction and east-west extension. Measurements of the strain accumulation at seven separate sites in southern(More)
Strain accumulation during the 1980-85 interval has been measured by means of trilateration surveys in the Shumagin and Yakataga seismic gaps, which are the two regions identified as the most likely sites for the next great thrust earthquakes along the Alaska-Aleutian arc. No significant strain accumulation was detected in the Shumagin gap, but experience(More)
This paper describes the development and flight test of autonomous obstacle field navigation and safe landing area selection on the U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate RASCAL JUH-60A research helicopter. Using laser detection and ranging (LADAR) as the primary terrain sensor, the autonomous flight system is able to avoid obstacles, including wires, and(More)
The biological and forensic use of ion-interaction reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography for the determination of hydrogen sulfide-derived methylene blue is evaluated by measuring the sulfide content in tissues from sulfide-treated mice. Various preparative conditions were examined. The determinations of background levels of sulfide from(More)
Frequently repeated strain measurements near Palmdale, California, during the period from 1971 through 1980 indicate that, in addition to a uniform accumulation of right-lateral shear strain (engineering shear, 0.35 microradian per year) across the San Andreas fault, a 1-microstrain contraction perpendicular to the fault that accumulated gradually during(More)
Geodetic measurements of deformation in northwestern Washington indicate that strain is accumulating at a rate close to that predicted by a model of the Cascadia subduction zone in which the plate interface underlying the continental slope and outer continental shelf is currently locked but the remainder of the interface slips continuously. Presumably this(More)