James C. Rockey

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The main objective of this study was to test the range of microorganisms for production of extracellular, high molecular weight emulsifiers for potential use in foods. A standard emulsification assay developed specifically for assessing food emulsifiers was used to examine 24 extracellular microbial products from bacteria, yeasts and algae. Of the 24(More)
The optimal surgical management for failed conservative measures in epistaxis remains unclear. Given the growing enthusiasm for endoscopic transnasal sphenopalatine artery ligation, it is prudent and timely to evaluate the evidence base for this technique. This study aims to analyse the current evidence for transnasal endoscopic sphenopalatine artery(More)
We analyze the impact of ideology on the size of government. In a simple model the government sets redistribution and provision of public services according to the preferences of the median voter. Ideology is defined in terms of preferences for public services and the impact of ideology upon the size of government is shown to increase with mean income. This(More)
This paper suggests that there are consistent patterns in how different groups of individuals perceive their relative ideological position. Using data from a large-scale cross-country survey on individuals’ views and personal characteristics it compares who reports themselves as being left(right) wing and who on an objective measure are actually left(right)(More)
This paper asks if and how constitutions affect labour market outcomes. This question is motivated by Rodrik (1999), who suggests that “democracies pay higher wages” and Persson and Tabellini (2003) who provide evidence that constitutions impact on economic outcomes. An empirical analysis using treatment effect estimators and Bayesian Model Averaging(More)
  • Tewodros Makonnen, James Rockey, Tewodros Makonnen Gebrewolde
  • 2017
This paper introduces a new measure of economic gender inequality (EGI) based on the ratio of women’s share of national labor income to men’s. This measure captures both the principles of equal pay for equal work and non-discrimination. Importantly, it can be calculated from existing data and is comparable across countries and time. We show that EGI has(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to define the cognitive domains that influence valved speech rehabilitation. METHODS Sixteen laryngectomees with primary tracheoesophageal punctures were randomly recruited from one head and neck unit. They were assessed by a consultant neuropsychologist and a speech therapist. Speech therapy time was determined from speech therapy(More)