James C. McKenna

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Exercise referral schemes (ERS) have become a major routeway of promoting physical activity with older adults. However, there is lack of evidence regarding the views of older people and their experience from participating in ERS. The purpose of this study was to offer insights into how physical activity (PA) is situated in notions of successful ageing of(More)
Small robots have the potential to access confined spaces where humans cannot go. However, the mobility of wheeled and tracked systems is severely limited in cluttered environments. Snake robots using biologically inspired gaits for locomotion can provide better access in many situations, but are slow and can easily snag. This paper introduces an(More)
Unhealthy behaviours represent modifiable causes of non-communicable disease. In men, concern focuses on those (i) demonstrating the poorest health, exacerbated by a lack of awareness of the risks that their lifestyles pose and (ii) who neither consult their doctor nor use health services. Classed as 'hard-to-engage', distinctive strategies are needed to(More)
BACKGROUND Increasingly the health impacts of physical inactivity are being distinguished from those of sedentary behavior. Nevertheless, deleterious health prognoses occur when these behaviors combine, making it a Public Health priority to establish the numbers and salient identifying factors of people who live with this injurious combination. METHODS(More)
Children's nighttime fears, such as monsters in the closet, have been a common issue for the American. In children's cognitive development, vivid imagination has been recognized as a cause of fear, but not all children around the globe share this common experience. This qualitative, exploratory study examined the relationship between parent-child sleeping(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about lifestyle choices and preventive healthcare-seeking behaviors during the transition from medical school graduation to residency training, a period characterized by increased rates of stress and lack of free time due to demanding working conditions. All of these issues are likely to affect physical activity (PA) level. This(More)
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