James C McGhee

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Nurses are increasingly involved in a range of strategies to encourage patient behaviours that improve self-management. If nurses are to be involved in, or indeed lead, the development of such interventions then processes that enhance the likelihood that they will lead to evidence that is both robust and usable in practice are required. Although behavioural(More)
The application of miniature motion sensors (accelerometers) to study the macro- (gross) and micro- (barely discernible) activities associated with human motion has been termed actigraphy. In countless human sleep studies, actigraphy has mostly been applied to distinguish between when a person is asleep or awake. Use of sleep/wake information has been(More)
PURPOSE Automatic internal cardiac defibrillators have various indications for placement. However, some patients may not fully benefit from this technology and the devices are expensive. Consequently, the aim of this paper is to describe a development model for clinical decision support to help providers offer their patients a more effective decision-making(More)
Can stereotypes of ethnic groups have an indirect impact on voters’ judgments even if voters reject them? We examine the case of Jewish leaders, and hypothesize that acceptable political stereotypes (Jews are liberal) are linked in voters’ minds to unacceptable social stereotypes (Jews are shady); consequently, a cue to the candidate’s shadiness works(More)
Optimal cognition during complex and sustained operations is a critical component for success in current and future military operations. “Cognitive Performance, Judgment, and Decision-making” (CPJD) is a newly organized U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command research program focused on sustaining operational effectiveness of Future Force Warriors(More)
The Physical qualification standards for aviation service used by the United States Army, Navy/Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard developed in parallel, diverging in many instances due to differences ranging from terminology to mission. Presently, standards and requirements for waiver vary widely between the services, in spite of minimal differences(More)
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