James C. Knight

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Human monkeypox is a zoonotic smallpox-like disease caused by an orthopoxvirus of interhuman transmissibility too low to sustain spread in susceptible populations. In February 1997, 88 cases of febrile pustular rash were identified for the previous 12 months in 12 villages of the Katako-Kombe Health Zone, Democratic Republic of Congo (attack rate = 22 per(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the production of cardiac arrhythmia by thioridazine, and consider the role of government regulation in light of antipsychotic prescribing trends in New Zealand. METHODS We conducted a focused literature review on psychotropic-induced cardiotoxicity, including mechanisms and incidence. In addition, we considered trends in antipsychotic(More)
A proper heat-acclimatization plan in secondary school athletic programs is essential to minimize the risk of exertional heat illness during the preseason practice period. Gradually increasing athletes' exposure to the duration and intensity of physical activity and to the environment minimizes exertional heat-illness risk while improving athletic(More)
Prostate adenocarcinoma is the most common newly diagnosed cancer in males. Pulmonary and pleural metastasis are not uncommon on autopsy, but malignant effusions are not common clinical findings. There are no current recommendations to guide prostate specific antigen level assessment in pleural fluid. A 73 yo w/prostate cancer presented with complaints of(More)
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